Yep, you guessed it right. All my stored inspiration had been poured out last week and has been completely used. Nothing left. Zilch. Nil.

BUT, so I can make it up to all of you about missing the weekly post, I decided to share my best, in my opinion, poem I’ve written so far. I hope you like it!

The quote in the picture is from Imagine Dragon’s song “Dream”. Highly recommended for inspiration and such. Seriously.


Is it worth it?

The love            

the pain

Or is it

A deal of

losing it all

with zilch to gain

Wounds heal

yet they leave a scar Continue reading “Guardian”




Mmm yeah, I know. This is like the third post this week or something. But I can’t miss our weekend posts, can I?

This poem was inspired by the song

The Score, Believe


When darkness overcomes

When all hope is gone

When you feel everything is tumbling down

As if you are lost, as if you are none-

Other than a nothing


When you are desperate to feel

Priceless Continue reading “Stay”

“I am not the norm, I got my own shoes, I ain’t tryna fit in yours…”- NF


Hello there! I attempted writing narrative poems, which are poems that tell stories. I’m not sure I succeeded though 😂

This poem was inspired by this quote,

“I tried to remember who I was. STRONG. BRAVE. FIERCE. SURE. I tried to summon her to me — that Eelyn who would choose her people over anything else. I search for her within myself, but she was different now. I was different. And it was something that was already done. Something I couldn’t change.” 
― Adrienne Young, Sky in the Deep Continue reading ““I am not the norm, I got my own shoes, I ain’t tryna fit in yours…”- NF”


You know, I learned something about myself today. When I have something I have to finish urgently or a job I am not looking forward for, inspiration hits hard; therefore, we learn from this experience that creativity and inspiration are both major players in procrastination. You live and learn.

Anyways. So, I thought of a new challenge (mhmm, today as well. Inspiration at its best)

Whenever I write a new poem, I would be singing a line earlier, and, then, the words flow on. But for this challenge, whatever word is the last word for any of the written verses, I have to rhyme the rest. Usually, my poems are freestyle, so this is quite a challenge for me. I used two different websites to help with the vocabulary.

This poem was inspired by the song, 

Whatever It Takes by Imagine dragons, especially the lyrics,

“I’m an apostrophe
I’m just a symbol to remind you that there’s more to see
I’m just a product of the system, a catastrophe
And yet a masterpiece, and yet I’m half-diseased.” Continue reading “Cupuacu”

Silence That Speaks

Sooo let’s all pretend it’s the 1st of Jan alright? Right. Since it’s not our usual Saturday/Sunday posts, it’s only going to be a quick one. I want to share my favourite meaningful songs that I listened to through out 2018-they may have not been sung in 2018. And also, I’m pretty sure I forgot some


Twenty One Pilots (My fave):


The Score:






The Fear


Imagine Dragons:

Gold ❤❤❤❤❤❤🧡💖💗💓




Bad Liar



Therapy Session

No Name

Intro III



Remember This

Years and Years:



Thought and Prayers


Fall Out Boy:




Remember when I told you I’ll be talking about colours? Well, this is it. You’re welcome for the physics lesson.

It’s quite ironic I posted earlier than usual when I am busier than ever. I may be procrastinating. It’s for a good cause,and that counts right? Right.

And let me tell you, it was so annoying having my computer considering that “colour’s” spelling is wrong. Hope you like this useless yet very insightful post!


This is a debate about the symbolism of black and white- regarding light.

Black and white. Two opposite colours. Usually, white symbolizes the “Good”, and the black symbolizes the “Bad” or gloomy setting. But, I always wondered why it was this way. I mean, black holes and space are both black, and they are absolutely outstanding. Also, I feel as if black has its own personality since it isn’t really a colour, only a lack of light, while other colours are rather reflected from white. (I feel as if this is a physics lesson 😆)

Space is mysterious, right? Think about it, if space wasn’t black, would a planet’s colour -for example- be distinctive? Would they be that clear and peculiar? Would they be so awe-inspiring if other similar colours are surrounding them? Not really. Black allows discovery. It allows other things to be unique and eye-catching. If you think about it, black is actually good; it’s selfless. It displays the beauty in others, drives the spotlight to them.

And what about the whole “sad” setting black creates? Is it because if it’s a stormy day, clouds are most likely to be black? In my opinion, and a few others, this type of atmosphere is calming and inspiring. It’s as if it washes all the negativity away from you so you can start new and fresh.

In the end, light can’t stand out without darkness.


Let’s talk about white. Yes, it may reflect all other colours, yet it’s kind of beaten to display the other colour. Let me explain. Say you have a red object, like an apple. Based on my education, whatever colour is showed it’s because of its pigment winning over all others. So, red had beaten orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It was reflected from a white object. Think about it, it’s as if white is weak. It allows other colours to beat it, except in those rare objects that are white. I feel as if white has no personality; it imitates and steals others’. But, I cannot deny that black and white complete each other. Like a magnet, opposites attract, I guess.


(I feel as if the blogger “Pointless Overthinking” had affected me😁. By the way, check the blogger’s posts. They’re pretty cool)