Bloodless Void


I’m a heart without a man
He was an abyss of nothingness, I don’t understand
Chugging down liquid, oblivion, he demands
Perhaps he didn’t want a life span
Because, one day, his car ran
Over the edge and fell, clank!
A dead father in a van
One more innocent family down
His kid no longer has his own batman Continue reading “Bloodless Void”




“*Scherezade’s Labyrinth had asked me to write any type of writing that concerns:
empathy, sympathy, antipathy, energy, and laughter.

I haven’t forgotten it. This post concerns energy, in my own way. Challenge done and dusted. If you’ve noticed, I have mentioned empathy, sympathy and antipathy indirectly in different posts.

This poem describes betrayal. Sometimes, it cuts through skin, veins, bones and marrow until it reaches to your very being, merging with it, leaving an imprint, causing a change.


Why have you lied?

When I smile at you,

Do you feel all warm

And giddy inside

For I gave you a part of I Continue reading “Energy”

Numb (1)


Hey there. I seriously have to find a name for my readers other than…well…readers. The Lees. Never-mind.

Anyways, today I wrote a piece. Yes, it was a sad piece indeed. This post brings light onto the situation of many, few ever talk about it though. I do know it’s dark. I am aware almost everything I write is not exactly optimistic, yet it is what it is.

“I am aware it’s aggressive
I am not here for acceptance”

NF, Therapy Session.

I’m not a depressed writer who can’t see the good in front of them. I’m not even depressed, nor do I have jaded memories and scars. I do see the good, and I am grateful. I just choose not to write about it. This is my passion. This is what I like writing about. And I’m not changing. All of you have been very supportive so far, and I really appreciate it!

Don’t worry, this piece has a sequel =).


He sauntered alongside the side of the road, ignoring the offer of safety of the pavement. Head bent down, his eyes downcast, he looked at the jagged street, a bit broken from the constant whizzing of cars past it. He gazed up, hopped on the pavement and walked ever so slowly. What’s the point of being in a hurry when you have no destination? His emerald eyes flit everywhere, searching a stranger’s demeanor. Each individual had a story behind their manner, their clothes, and their expressions. Did they have a purposeful pace, leading them to somewhere special, altering their lives forever? Or were they like him…astray, lost in the midst of chaos?

Hours passed by, the beauty of the sunset had vanished, cloaking the world in endless layers and shades of grey and black. Today, the moon had not appeared. Or maybe his eyes do not reflect the light anymore. Dullness is a plague, indeed he believed.

Silence rung through his ears, it is not a comfort so far.

Solitude was his gift, his curse, his legacy like so many before.

Him, he was the chosen one, he embraced so.

He no longer hears, nor does he taste.

He sees.

He sees through the mist, the joy, the sorrow.

He sees through the guilt, the pain and what follows.

 He sees through the smiles, whether fake or not.

He sees through it all, but he does not feel.

His story is of faceless characters woven together.

His story is of villains who ploy with each other.

 His story is of words of which they were forged into swords.

His story is of tactless seemingly pointless invisible gore.

His story is not ending, nor is it beginning.

Perhaps he has no story at all,

For he does not know what anything is anymore.

Deathly (#2)

I heard you’ve been causing trouble.
You’ve sinned quite a lot, haven’t you?
Oh, sorry for gagging you but seeing your face all purple and blue
Makes me so happy! I’ve heard that child
I’ve heard his battle cry
He almost had you, but he died of starvation. Tsk tsk poor lad
I’ve taken his job to finish what he had
Started, I’ll take my time
Rage is slumbering, she’s gathering her powers to hurt who has dared touched mine
That child, his name was Leo, he wanted to be an engineer.
But you didn’t know that, no?
I bet your conscience wouldn’t mind if it did though.
Quiet. It’s just a knife. You’ve used much worse methods, for what’s the fright?
You’ll end up bloody broken, but rage will heal you, trust me. I haven’t lied,
She well, but only so she could end it herself.
Actually, I think she likes to savor each patient with precise
Movements, she knows all about sensitivities.
Screams never bothered her; she doesn’t have insecurities
Either. You won’t be able to hide;
I can smell your terror and hatred from miles.
You smell of decay and rot eventhough you’ve showered.
But guess blood is much thicker than water,obviously-nobility. Aw, don’t glower.
Shall I go slower?
I can’t hear you. Raise your voice; I don’t want to lean closer.
You idiot! Don’t let me hiss, I was in a good mood.
I said raise your voice, not your screams, shoot!
Although you do sound like some of the queen’s
And king’s. Oops, sorry for mentioning that, it’s not all bad
Around here. In fact, it’s quite humorous to see humans so shocked
That wealth isn’t all glamorous . Ha! You stupid lot,
Seriously, you sold your soul for a bit of metal and some useless paper.
What were you thinking? Oh, don’t waver
Now. I’m still not done. Ah, I’m having fun.
I think I’ll keep you around, for Leo, and Ali, bless his son.
Now, now, don’t look so scared.
We’ve barely started. You haven’t even become impaired.
Ah, don’t pass out on me now.
Fine, I’ll just move you to rage’s room. I’ll love listening to your constant shouts!


This is for MercuryTheScribe. Your poem perfectly matches Leo’s situation. It’s as if it was a prequel to this! Crazy 😅

Murderous (#1)

Fog, mist, unclear sight.
Kingdom, politics, criminals…
Bow down low to the queen’s might
Is she a queen though? Am I being cynical?
They foretell stories with wonder, gratify
Their existence although they’re humans just like you an I .
Ha! Humans? You dare not disrespect them;
You dare not contradict them;
You dare not rise up until they tell you so.
Nothing besides the gold’s glow
To acquire my respect, my obedience
Why shall I bob my head in abjectness?
When you’re human, as weak as I and just as helpless.
Sure, I admire some of your work but this system isn’t working
Since shadows are still lurking.
In fact, they doubled their numbers…
Hmmm why I wonder?

Power, money, rank, jewels.
Materialistic things based on human ‘s imagination of wealth, fools.
I mean, come on, kill someone for some paper thins? That’s just cruel.
But oh well, death won’t be a duel
That you’ll win. It’s cool
Though, I don’t mind. In fact, I’ll enjoy your befool.
Haven’t learned life’s rules?
There is going to be a game over, a justice rises. Oh, you’ll
Beat even that? Sure, sure.
Whatever makes you sleep at night, you monster.
Oh wait. Night is your time to hunt, isn’t it? It’s too late…wicked!
Inhale, exhale, steady breaths,
It takes one little pin to nick
Your neck and hit an artery. Oops. Sad
That you’ve lose your fight..just kidding I hope wrath is mad,
And revenge is glad
To spread his tools.

Revenge..Please, sit on the stool

Let’s start, hmm I have learned a lesson or two

From you.

Shall I execute them on you? No? Crow’s

Cry, why not?! Because you don’t want to feel the same pain they felt, huh.

Weird mortal logic, isn’t it eye for eye? Well, I thought so.

Shhh, don’t whimper too loud. This is recorded as an audio

For others to hear. Ah antisipation tastes so sweet. Just imagine rainbows

While I ready the ammo

For you. Sure, it’s not humane, but you’re like a rabid dog that needs to be shot down. Now go

To the other room, wrath is waiting. Shoo,

I have others to attend to,

I promise wrath will be slow

Just wait until rage wakes up and reveals her claws.

Shallow (Snippet #8, Chapter 2)


Chapter 1

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22


Chapter Dos (2)

I Cannot Handle it Now


Middle school. A phase everyone changes in. A phase where the moonlight manifests your true form. True personality. A chapter in your life that dedicates who you are, or who are your real friends. A tricky stage that changes people’s hearts. You might be one of the boundless impersonators, or you can be like me, a hoaxer who wants to be forgiven on not keeping the friend code.


You can also be the purest field of them all, a real. Jane was a real. You got to expect imposters that are obstacles in your road. You’ll be heartbroken, hurt and dilapidated by backstabbers.

That is the cost of being a real. Consequences on being a fake are quite simple; you’ll be a heart breaker and an emotion killer, easy enough?


But for a deceiver, these are the levels of changing in that phase then begging to be forgiven. You betray, and then you’ll have fun while doing it and will keep on doing it. You’ll be prideful. You’ll feel satisfied and pleasured by all the attention you’re receiving. You’ll wonder why you didn’t accomplish this feeling long before. Day by day, week by week, the attention starts to diminish. You’ll find yourself useless, worthless, abandoned, regretful and lonely. No realness was found in that black hole of attention.


Your world will start crumpling; you’ll fall into unwanted relationships and feelings. You will regret…everything. You’ve hurt one’s soul. You scarred your own soul without meaning to impede it….You’ll be plummeting into darkness. You’ve no one. No one to hold you, or to draw a smile on your face. No one to chuckle a friendly laugh when you collapse. You will be feeble, unable to stand your face high and shoulders bold and straight.

Then you decide to fix this. Put the picture in the right frame, while painting your own life. Your paint brush starts to search for sources. Where has this important person gone to? Questions that need answers swarm your head causing agony. You don’t know how to feel. Despite the struggle and pain, you won’t forsake. Your brain starts having conflicts, it sometimes doubts itself. What should I do? Is this correct? Am I walking on the right road? Your life will be a nightmare seeking light to clear your view.


Your eyes will certainly deceive you; you’re unable to rely on them anymore. Everything hurts. Emotionally, physically……Everything hurts. Your chest will feel tight, unable to break free, as if someone has your heart and is squashing it whenever it pleases. An uncomfortable image right? Well, this is what it feels like.

You’ll feel defeated, but won’t give up.

Step by step, whisper by whisper. You found some hope, that this someone is still there being tortured. The coal is beginning to light up.

You’re now able to open their cell. You may have the key, depending if your intentions and words are powerful and convincing enough. Depending if you really want this someone back. Your trip starts and you wander around what you found, trying to get more information and answers. While walking, you’ll rue your cruel actions and wish they never happened. Some questions will pop up as well. You’ll become hesitant.


Is this right? What have I done? Will they ever forgive me? Have I ruined them forever? Will they trust me again? While pacing, questions will twirl around until you answered them all….. Or until you found your terminus. Congratulations, you’ve reached your destination. Your trip will only get harder, good luck.




“Don’t Pick Up” by Mercury + Phone call — by AllthingsUncanny — Mercury The Scribe

Ring Ring. Aren’t you gonna pick up the phone?~

via “Don’t Pick Up” by Mercury + Phone call — by AllthingsUncanny — Mercury The Scribe

Please check this out! So far, they are the best writers of horror. Didn’t help that I read this on 1 am. Plus, Mercury has a peculiar sense of humor that rocks XD. AllthingsUncanny (I don’t know her name) is a devoted blogger who may look horrifying at first, but is actually very nice and kind. Do not get on her bad side though. =)


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I’m so sorry Mercury XD