It’s Raining Humans

Hai! So usually I don't write short stories, but the other day I was on Alexander's site (a youtuber and a blogger) and he did a Sci-fi prompt. I decided to try it out because...why not? Obviously, short stories aren't exactly my best field of writing, but I do want to get better at them. … Continue reading It’s Raining Humans



Let me vent a little bit. Let's talk. Have a little chat to unleash it all. Look, you're precious, and I don't value you Enough, but that's how I am; I hide behind secret cues And cloaked actions. Look where that had gotten me: a bubble of mistrust. I've a lot of prove, A lot … Continue reading (Mis)Understood

Shallow (Snippet #10, Chapter 4)

Links:Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 18Chapter 19Chapter 20Chapter 21Chapter 22***Chapter Cuatro (4) Accomplice Jane Wrong time, wrong place Caine. “Jane-’’                                         She stood up. And not for Caine. You never know when they're watching. “You shush, I speak. You think simple words would erase all of what you’ve done? You think trying to comfort me would help? … Continue reading Shallow (Snippet #10, Chapter 4)