Mmm yeah, I know. This is like the third post this week or something. But I can’t miss our weekend posts, can I?

This poem was inspired by the song

The Score, Believe


When darkness overcomes

When all hope is gone

When you feel everything is tumbling down

As if you are lost, as if you are none-

Other than a nothing


When you are desperate to feel


When you are feelin’





Fearful, remorseful, lonesome

Remember that I‘m here

For You

Because you matter

I know that

An inkling of kindness

A feeling of understanding

Is what you want, isn’t it?

I’m trying to offer you that

But you are rejecting it

And I just don’t understand

In the same time

I do though

It’s what we’re good at, aren’t we?

Feeling dejected

Because we’re not opening enough

For that help

And truth is,

We’re afraid

Afraid to hurt others

Afraid for others to see us

Us as vulnerable, raw and pure

Us as monstrous, cowardly, frightened preys

Because truth is,

We’re afraid

That once you see us

You’ll be running away

And never looking back

We don’t want that

We reject you, but we appreciate you

It’s kind of complicated, isn’t it?

We want it, but we don’t

We survive by it, but we’re afraid of it

We’re aware you’re giving and giving and giving

And I swear we’re trying to take a bit

But there are some barriers

Like subconsciousness, conscience, and protectiveness

That we can’t get through

Because once we do…

There’s no going back

A leap of faith

That we’re not ready to take

But that’s okay

It’s human nature

To think of the cost of the risks

And not the consequences of not taking them

To think of the hole under the jump

And not what’s on the other side

But one day

One day

We will take that jump

Because of people like you

Who are giving

And giving

And giving


One day

We’re going to take that jump

And, stranger reading this

From one stranger to another

I believe in you

And me

Because if I don’t believe in myself

Then who will?


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