Hello there! I attempted writing narrative poems, which are poems that tell stories. I’m not sure I succeeded though 😂

This poem was inspired by this quote,

“I tried to remember who I was. STRONG. BRAVE. FIERCE. SURE. I tried to summon her to me — that Eelyn who would choose her people over anything else. I search for her within myself, but she was different now. I was different. And it was something that was already done. Something I couldn’t change.” 
― Adrienne Young, Sky in the Deep

Tell me what you think!


An echo

That’s all I hear

Scattered broken pieces

Somewhere near

Can’t remember how it was

How it looked

How it felt

Like wind carrying a pungent smell from miles away

I can remember little peeks

A girl skipping

A girl playing

Grace engulfed her

And I also remember that she always was who she was

And that’s that, no further discussion

Yet it was always like a fleeting memory

I can’t seem to get ahold of it

Maybe she no longer exists?

Vaporizing since she couldn’t handle whatever dwells around her

I try to shape the pieces

But now she looks different

Did I not mold her correctly?

I tried and tried to shape her again

Yet it was as if she was swept off this world

And other worlds

Leaving only mere traces

As if she was not born at all

But re-born

In another way

Another manner

Another structure

And I have to embrace it

Because she’s still one and the same

Even if she’s so different

She’s still mine

The unconquerable spirit that I couldn’t behold

Yet I’m just as happy to let her go

For she will be happy like this

Or so she says

At least she will try

And that’s what’s important.


“I am not the norm, I got my own shoes, I ain’t tryna fit in yours…”- NF


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