Tied up

knocked down

The Monster rallies in again

Put up my defenses

but I discover there is nothing left

It hungers

and hungers

and hungers

for more

Yet will I be The Feeder?

Will I be The Blood?

Will I let my Enemies

to drown in the floods


locked away

straining for air

but I am de-oxygenated

I am not falling into that Lair

I find them having fins

and tails

they are swim-

ing against the current

they adapt

they survive

they come back again

So, can I drown them again?

The monster is closing in


I panic

I fear

I leave

what I am supposed to protect

The monster engulfs it


I fight

yet I am so fragile

I fight

yet I am so exhausted

I fight

yet I tremble


But it won’t

it won’t

And so it keeps on pulling

And I do so as well

A tug-of-war

that will not end

yet I am okay

I am, aren’t I?

The questions are racing again

Too many competitors

too many

I panic

They push in

push in

I push out

push out


and again

and again

oh, will it ever end?

It’s not a matter of losing and winning, it’s a matter of surviving and learning.

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