Remember when I told you I’ll be talking about colours? Well, this is it. You’re welcome for the physics lesson.

It’s quite ironic I posted earlier than usual when I am busier than ever. I may be procrastinating. It’s for a good cause,and that counts right? Right.

And let me tell you, it was so annoying having my computer considering that “colour’s” spelling is wrong. Hope you like this useless yet very insightful post!


This is a debate about the symbolism of black and white- regarding light.

Black and white. Two opposite colours. Usually, white symbolizes the “Good”, and the black symbolizes the “Bad” or gloomy setting. But, I always wondered why it was this way. I mean, black holes and space are both black, and they are absolutely outstanding. Also, I feel as if black has its own personality since it isn’t really a colour, only a lack of light, while other colours are rather reflected from white. (I feel as if this is a physics lesson 😆)

Space is mysterious, right? Think about it, if space wasn’t black, would a planet’s colour -for example- be distinctive? Would they be that clear and peculiar? Would they be so awe-inspiring if other similar colours are surrounding them? Not really. Black allows discovery. It allows other things to be unique and eye-catching. If you think about it, black is actually good; it’s selfless. It displays the beauty in others, drives the spotlight to them.

And what about the whole “sad” setting black creates? Is it because if it’s a stormy day, clouds are most likely to be black? In my opinion, and a few others, this type of atmosphere is calming and inspiring. It’s as if it washes all the negativity away from you so you can start new and fresh.

In the end, light can’t stand out without darkness.


Let’s talk about white. Yes, it may reflect all other colours, yet it’s kind of beaten to display the other colour. Let me explain. Say you have a red object, like an apple. Based on my education, whatever colour is showed it’s because of its pigment winning over all others. So, red had beaten orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It was reflected from a white object. Think about it, it’s as if white is weak. It allows other colours to beat it, except in those rare objects that are white. I feel as if white has no personality; it imitates and steals others’. But, I cannot deny that black and white complete each other. Like a magnet, opposites attract, I guess.


(I feel as if the blogger “Pointless Overthinking” had affected me😁. By the way, check the blogger’s posts. They’re pretty cool)


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