Let Go

Hello there! I was looking for writing competitions the other day, and I saw a 100 word challenge, but, alas, it was long over due. Still, I wanted to share my 100 word piece of writing and let me tell you, it was hard to write! I hate limitations. Seriously.

As usual, this writing is symbolic. I’d love to see YOUR 100 word text as well!

She rushed, feeling the gust of wind tingling her skin, demanding her retreat. Perhaps she was momentarily forgotten, but she knew that the wind would whisper her secrets and thrust the balance of peace upwards. She ran, until she could no longer feel her lungs expanding; only an excruciating pain pounding…pounding…her breath came in short gasps, her eyes watered- no, enough salty tears were shed; enough bridges were crossed. She escaped every memory, each rusting key. Her body begged her to stop, to be safe. Yet is there such a state? Though it does not matter since now, she was free.


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