The guilt

that eats you up

saying “if I didn’t”

and “if I wasn’t”

The remorse

that tosses you down

saying “I could’ve”

and “I should’ve’”

The pain

that leads you to place that you don’t want to be at

saying “been there, done that

never again”

The hate

that turns you into a monster

acting rashly, hurting those who Matter

The love

that you’re too scared to show

Until it’s too late, until you’re too deep There, too low

The reputation

that defines you

because you did This and That, so?

The walls

made of bricks, never broken

shutting them out, shattering you down

The doubt

The hesitation

The shame

The embarrassment

The humiliation

The false imagination

The temporary wrongly received joy

The lies and what’s fiction

The right words in the wrongly used sentence

The mistakes you’ve done and done again

But will you bear the consequences in the end?


Note: I know, not my usual style. Felt it is more of a song than a poem. Oh well 😆




7 thoughts on “Withdraw

    1. It’s not hate or venom, it’s expressing feelings and sometimes moods.
      really cheerful writings are mostly lies….. because life has more suffering than happiness, and get me right, i am not saying that life is so bad, but when people write, they write their own true feelings not lies because believe me we see a lot of them….No need to write them too….

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh u are saying this because of a comment sorry it bothered you yes life is an in-between happiness and darkness we all can write what we choose so happy writing also lies and truth all have better to remain happy in our worlds💕

        Liked by 1 person

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