Wheel of Mystery

We are one breath away

But oh! So far

I will find out the truth soon enough

Within lies and lies

What is

Prepared for I?

Is it

A candle


A fire

A skull


A glinting coin

A dog


Wind that carries my breath

Whispering my secrets

A grave


A resting bed

I wonder which possibility

Will it be

For Me and Mine

Or will

Another new player join

This game

It is the number that decides

A Six

or a One

A Three

or a Two

A Four

or a Five

An imbalance held by an inch of hair

Will the comb sweep the hair astray

Or will it stay tangled

Ignorant to the consequences

Oh, time will decide

Whether the tornado will sway the light mass

Or will it stay furiously attached.


Need explanations? Inform me.


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