Shallow, My Novella (Snippet #1)

Hey Readers! Since I have done some poetry for a while, I thought it would be nice to change this week. So shortly, this is an extract from my on-going novella. I really hope you like it, and I hope I will finish it!

Summary (until now):

Larson was a safe city, or so it was said. When the attack happened, all goes into chaos. The safety of Larson, if not the whole world, depends on six broken soldiers…

Six soldiers; thousands of enemies.

Jane did not know that she should not have trusted him…

Jayden lost everything…

Skylar let go…

Jade held on too tightly…

Luna struggled with the too heavy weight…

Caine had his past chasing him…

Would their fates intertwine or would each one be on their own? Would everything get woven together tightly or would everything fall apart…scattered?



She sat on the couch to the right of her bed thinking about the way home. No, she doesn’t mean home by an actual house, she means a place where she doesn’t need to suffer from this throb; it’s not physical, it’s an inner pain…

“The dagger he stabbed her back with never got removed and never would…”


Jayden couldn’t handle it anymore. Too much terror and grief; too much was stolen from his carved heart. Jayden fought and fought to see a glimmer of light, a rope for him to tug on, and a thread for him to walk on carefully as any wrong step and he’ll fall again, into the Pit of Oblivion…

“Your lovely Mother is somewhere beneath, and your gleeful sister was abandoned..”


She looked down…red…then up…she was supposed to be afraid from the unknown…yet for once, for once she did not…”

“What’s a better adventure than discovering the unknown?”


At last, we were the victims of loss. I heard fate chuckle in my mind at the black hole that appeared under my feet, so I jumped into it and allowed it to swallow me whole…

“Though, my never ending slumber didn’t spare me from all of my feelings. One especially stayed. Rage. I’m glad I got knocked out. Or maybe I’m dead. Who knows? I’ll gleefully embrace death anyway.”


She stood there, her face draining out of colour as the realization of the responsibilities she now carried on her shoulders sank down, down to that quaking core…

“All her steadiness diminishing until darkness swallowed her up again.”


If he got killed, who would care…?

“With that, he decided his absence is much more useful than his presence.”


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