Scattered Thoughts…

Generations had changed noticeably. “Friends” became “Enemies”. Here, we are referring to countries reciprocity. Observing and analyzing countries decisions allow us to see through their shaded masks.


Some states are not the ones we once used to know before. After decades of hope and mystery, we now perceive who the predator is and who the prey is. We are now aware of which tribe belongs to whom. We now realize who the male lion is in a group full of lionesses. We finally understood the risks of the consequences that would be proceeded after letting the world hear your name.


Though after all of this time, we still do not know how to break through their secret codes and identities. We still do not know how to find the imperfection in their perfect pictures.

We still are looking through the clear lens rather than a broken lens that shows the blemish of this game. We are still unable to glance at the blue deep ocean; we can only see its foam. All in all, we cannot see beyond.


Furthermore, some illegal actions are now socially acceptable. Major problems are not  getting enough attention although they cause destruction; it is us as citizens that cause demolition. We cause believing in lies. We are the reason we have neither trust nor sympathy to our own kind. We made these historical events happen and are now handling the price by giving away innocence, emotions and humanity.



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