Desperate to break free, desperate to turn around and flee

Just want to break through this shell of mine that is imprisoning me inside

I desire vaporizing the faces that hold their heads upright with pride

While damaging their perfect lights and displaying their lies

 I am going to ruin it all by sending my destruction through their night

But I ask myself, how could I fight?

Against the current, I ride

Until I swallow the salty tears of my cries

My urge of removing the mask from their tricking eyes glides high

Because under there lies some mice

I want to manifest the truth that would shine so bright

But it cannot

Since here we are following like a herd of sheep

Into somewhere that seems like a keep

We are all the “black sheep” currently, yet only the leader stays white

As that is the direction that we chose for the kite’s flight

It is only a matter of time

Until you followers realize that I was right

Then you would fight back with all your might

But that is it, the end is already here, it is near

Since the White sheep finally reached the heights

Blame only yourselves for this war that was lost

And now you will pay all of the cost

Yet I? I will singularly be the host

Watching you people rust to the sheep’s must

All I see down there is a killing lust

But that is okay, since this is only the crust


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