This is What I See

A ticket. A chance. That is where it all started, when you leave your secure home into a universe that is unknown to you. A world that frightens you. An environment where your fragile body is not used to. But, even with all your weakness, you survived. You were helped. Caught when fallen, cheered up when sad and sometimes healed when sick.

When clearness finally appeared through your confusion, your curious senses took place. Your traitorous limbs pushed you into hurt and danger in search of answers. Explanations. Modifications.

But that is okay, because you will have someone to guide you. To show you what you seek with safety as your friend.

As the days stroll by, you find out something new. Like how to walk and talk, or how to fulfill your needs. Each day hands out water to your thirst, day to your night, love to your hate and courage to your fear.

 Yet, that new knowledge travels farther and farther from your reach. It becomes harder to understand, to move on, to survive. And while the kite is driven by the harsh wind, you follow it.

Sometimes you finally catch up to its string and try to slow it down or steer it away, others you stumble and lose your grip and control. But it is your choice to either continue on following it or kneel in despair. Taller and quicker people will try to snatch it away.

Your stamina may be your disadvantage, but there is also another power to win back your kite. Intelligence. By your cunning and traps, you win back what is rightfully yours. You own it.

And that is a very unpredictable destiny.

Though sometimes, your hunger and instincts whisper to you. Steal their kites. Destroy the danger and win the competition. It is your hardest choice to either let the voices empower you or ignore them.

Throughout these self-wars and conflicts a question mark flickers. A hollow place that needs to be filled. A valuable object that needs to be found. Something that was lost within hundreds of fake others. Something that if you do not detect and perceive will get stolen away, leaving you to your starvation; therefore, you try to pursue your desire.

But, careful, it will not be short. It will not be easy.

While treading on the path, a life changing decision will come. A loss. An injury. An obstacle. A surprise. A dissension. Are all of them worth to endure to fulfill what you crave? Maybe. Depends on its importance to you. Depends on your pureness. Depends on the strength of your soul.

Despite the pain, the sorrow, the confusion, you sprint on. After all, it is the only way to cling to cruel life. If you oblige to find the object, it determines your worth. Are you worth it to find me? Or will the current swallow you whole, drowning you with the others, deaf and oblivious to the freedom of owning me?

 Lastly, a little nudge from here, a bit of encouragement from there. The journey is coming to an end.


In finality, it is that discovery, that adventure, that loss, that heart-wrenching moment, that joy, is what pushes you to finish. To grasp what you need. To teach you what you need to learn. And so you will be rewarded, by ultimately apprehending what you require. An identity.


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