Black’s negativity soared gleamingly and noticeably while hinting for a hopeless, irritating and blinding road

Gold respected wealth yet greeted death as easily as water sneaks from your slippery, greedy hold

 Red was intensely filled with the presence of threat, risk and most dangerously love as it is the heaviest load

Yellow’s smile strained from side to side yet its eyes glinted trickery that by will could imprison the whole globe

Pink was sweetly flavored though with a spice of bitter slyness that deep down shimmered and lightly glowed

Brown was glamoured with boredom and unreadable blank looks yet scrape all those layers off and you will discover hidden mischief and a grief so old

Blue gripped on infinite riddled phrases that were so blurry yet so pure, countless wonders it can behold

Green’s peacefulness glimmered over the surface, it could sweet-coat adventures or worsen their sights as did mold

Orange’s temper flickered furiously oblivious to the aftermath its actions had to afterwards fold

Silver spoke for the locked up minds which thoughts clawed pungent tastes and immense clutching power, the memories never rolled. You could win the world or lose it all

White purified and reflected truths yet badly covered up whatever was beneath. It needed colour in its life so its known imperfection was need, though do not underestimate it as it can kill you with a glare of cold

Purple was plainly good and evil, dandelions and witches, yet it bizarrely had millions of consequences hidden from the eyes of foolish men that souls were sold

Every being sheltered their colours to those they did not trust, people were a book you cannot read nor decipher with ease, their genres held secrets that went untold


2 thoughts on “Spy

  1. True, how many times were we surprised by the people true form, they ask why i like books they don’t know that they would never betray you like humans….. amazing

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